Dwarf conifers for your Troughs and Rock Gardens!

The always anticipated shipment from Iseli Nursery has arrived! We have some really great dwarf conifers for that special spot in your rock garden or trough. These are what I call “toys” for your garden! Special small trees and evergreens for a variety of uses. We have folks buy these for their railroad gardens and for bonsai, for stand alone plants for containers and mixed in with other low miniature plant like Sedums and Sempervivums. Their very slow growth rate makes them suitable in small gardens.
So, this one is called Picea abies ‘Pusch’ It has red cones on the tips of the branches, that eventually fade to brown cones, continuing to decorate the plant, and it grows very slowly, maybe reaching only 12″ over 10 years. How cool is this?
Among this collection, we have over 36 different varieties of dwarf Chamaecyparis! These do well with a little partial shade, so if you have a rock garden with a corner that is partially shady, these would be a good option.

When caring for these little guys and gals, its important to keep them on a regular watering schedule, as they are in small pots and have small root systems. A regular watering schedule is necessary to establish them into a garden or container. Occasional fertilizing during the active growing summer months is recommended, especially in containers. For overwintering containers, you can tuck them up against the side of your house, or winter them in a cool but bright area (think unheated porch) and water sparingly (once a month if kept below freezing)
These are probably my favorite things we carry here at the nursery, and some, especially the varieties of Chamaecyparis, we only have a few of each. So, if this is your thing too, now is the time to come and check em’ out!