Catch em’ while you can!

Peonies that is! Our rockii hybrids are finishing up blooming, and now we are on to the American hybrids, the Daphnis, Saunders, and Gratwick hybrids. They have been in bloom for us for a few days now in the gardens. I’m sure this will be busy weekend at Linwood Gardens Festival of Tree Peonies ( With the predicted heat coming this week, I’m sure that this weekend and the following weekend will be the best weekends for viewing. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to our nursery, you should plan on visiting Linwood Gardens also, it is a very special and beautiful place with an exquisite collection of Tree Peonies.
If you’re visiting Linwood, you should take a trip to visit us also. We are only 20 minutes from there, just across the valley. We are stocking in limited supply, some of the hybrids that you may see at Linwood.
Daphnis hybrids we currently have:
Kronus, Leda, Iphigenia, Hephestos, Boreas, Gauguin, Tria.
Saunders hybrids we currently have:
Vesuvian, Roman Gold, Golden Bowl, Red Currant, Banquet, Spring Carnival, Marchioness.

This photo is of Gauguin, taken about 3 days ago. It’s been in our garden for over 30 years, and has had over 150 blooms on it in the past. Can’t beat that for a “wow” factor!