Annuals and perennials

Our gardens are open during nursery business hours. These gardens serve as our personal collection of plants and also our classroom for learning!  Through trial and error, we have learned what grows well in our Genesee Valley soils and climate. We encourage you to take a walk through our gardens and see for yourself how your newest plant purchase will look in your own garden in several years. Our early spring display gardens feature bulbs and early perennials such as the Hellebore. Mid and late spring is the highlight of our season here, when our peonies are in full bloom. We feature well over a hundred fifty specimens of  all types of peonies, some over 45 years old and growing in their original location.  After our Peonies have finished flowering, our garden is an evolving mix of perennials, annuals and whatever strikes our fancy in any given year!

When walking through our gardens, please respect the roped off areas, if you would like to see something beyond these points, please ask, we would love take you on a tour. Please watch your children, and make sure they remain on the gravel paths or lawn areas.  This garden area is also our backyard, we appreciate your respect.