Flowering Shrubs and Roses





We carry a large selection of flowering shrubs and roses.

Flowering shrubs provide structure, height, and color in the garden. Flowering shrubs are relatively easy to maintain, requiring an occasional shaping or pruning. Many can be mixed into the perennial border, or used as part of the foundation planting around your home. Some flowering shrubs also make a great small hedge or privacy screening. We carry a wide selection including Hydrangea, Clethra, Lilac, Spirea, Quince, Viburnum and many more unusual types!

   Each season we stock a variety of roses, generally landscape, shrub and climbing roses. Our mix includes the new landscape types, and also the more old-fashioned heirloom varieties. We strive to carry varieties that are more disease resistant and require little in the way of sprays or maintenance. Come see us for our current selection