Intersectional Peonies






These are some of the most anticipated flowers to bloom in the garden!  They are some of the last to bloom in the peony blooming sequence, and worth the wait. Intersectionals are a unique type of peony in that they are actually hybrids resulting from the cross of a hybrid tree peony with an herbaceous peony.  Sometimes these are called Itoh hybrids, named after a Japanese hybridizer Toichi  Itoh, the first person to achieve this cross. The result was the best of both worlds.  Intersectionals have foliage that is a little more finely cut that regular herbaceous foliage in appearance.  Despite the look of the foliage, the stems on Intersectionals are very strong, and need little if any support compared to other herbaceous peonies.  Like herbaceous peonies, the foliage dies to the ground each season.  Intersectionals are a very vigorous grower, and will grow to 2-3’ in bushy form, depending on variety.

Flowers are the main attraction to Intersectionals!  Unlike herbaceous garden peony flowers which come in shades of pink, white and reds, Intersectional’s carry the color traits of tree peonies.  This gives them unusual colors of yellows, oranges and other subtle mixes of pinks and corals. On some varieties, the flowers are also full and very large, yet still supported by the foliage.  These are truly extraordinary garden plants that you will have for years to come. These are  a fine addition to any garden.


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