Herbs, Peppers and Tomatoes


We love local food! There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own for the summer in upstate NY. We carry a great selection for both the garden and your patio containers, plus already potted herb containers for the perfect gift.


Herbs. We carry many varieties including the common types like parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. And basils and mints!  We also carry more unusual types like lemon verbena, lemon grass and epazote too. Come see us for our full selection.

Peppers. We carry many types. If your thing is hot, we have em! We carry from 80-100 varieties a season, from the common bell types to the extremely hot, to the sweetest new varieties such as Carmen. We also grow all these peppers in our own garden, and have the experience to help you select the variety you need.

Tomatoes.  We carry from 50-60 varieties each season. We are always adding new varieties to the mix, while still keeping our favorite tried and true performers. We carry a nice mix of hybrids and heirloom types that we grow ourselves in our own gardens. Come see us for our current selection!