Hellebores and Spring Weather

Our potted Helleborus are safely tucked away in the greenhouse, blooming like crazy through these warm/cold cycles of March. Its hard to hold them back as they seem to want move quickly as soon as the sunshine warms up the inside of the greenhouse. That is also the case outdoors, where the unusually warm weather over the past couple weeks has pushed them far. We’ve done some clean up of the tree leaves and cut back the old foliage. We have so many in the garden that we have to start the clean up process in March so we can finish! Unfortunately, every few years or so we get burned… literally. This last 5 degree night took many of our buds in the garden of the ones that had been raked free of leaves. The ones with drifts of leaves over them yet to be cleaned out, are ok. Had they been in a li tighter bud stage, they would have been fine. If you’re the type of gardener that likes to get your clean up done through the mild spells in winter, a quick mounding of leaves or other protection is your best bet if there is no snow cover, and temps below 20 degrees are predicted. If you’re looking for some great colors of Helleborus, we’ve got them blooming in the warm greenhouse. Give us a call at 226-3073 to make sure were here as it’s early season. Great time to get that exact color you’ve been looking for!