American made Pottery!

This year we are carrying a great selection of USA- made pottery, from Burly, made in Roseville, Ohio.  Twenty plus years ago at the nursery, we carried pottery from Syracuse Pottery. Most of it was terra cotta, and made right in Syracuse, with local clay! Like most things over the last two decades, Syracuse pottery has since gone out of business, and most pottery is now made in various countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. We went looking for a great source of American made pottery, and Burly was the answer. This season we have a great selection of standard garden pots, saucers, urns, bowls and birdbaths, all made in Zanesville and Roseville Ohio. There is a long tradition and history of pottery making in this part of Ohio, with the tradition being kept alive by Burly Pottery.  We are quite pleased to offer these in many styles and colors this year!004005