Winter in the Greenhouse

This time of year, while tidying up in the greenhouse, we spend some time admiring the succulents and cactus. Often, winter is the time of month when they bloom. Sun… (sometimes!), and cooler temperatures will induce some of our collection of cacti and succulents to flower.  One of the reliable bloomers in the greenhouse are our Jade plants, often covered with flowers in the month of December and January. It often catches people by surprise to learn that Jade trees will flower! It is difficult to induce them to bloom in the house or home setting, but it is possible if you have a mature larger Jade tree. Bright light or very direct light is your best bet for encouraging a Jade to flower. A south facing window is ideal. Another important consideration for winter months is to be careful not to over-water cacti or succulents. Even in our sunny and warm greenhouse, we often don’t water more than once a month during this low-light time of year.