Lush Gardening

Summer in Western NY is a wet one this year. It seems that every season certain plants thrive exceptionally well. This summer its Hosta. Ours in the garden have become exceptionally large due to all the rain this season. Hosta are one plant that can take moisture provided they have a rich soil. We have grown ‘Sum and Substance’ Hosta in several different areas in our gardens, and have found that the advertised size of most Hosta depend on the area in which they are planted. Fertile soil, lack of root competition, and moisture are the main contributors to a Hosta reaching its maximum potential. We have a wide variety of Hosta available here at the nursery, some of our larger leaf and larger plants can reach 3-4′ tall and wide! Some of the Hosta varieties that can become this large are ‘Empress Wu’, ‘Sum and Substance’, ‘Victory’, ‘Big Daddy’, ‘Blue Angel’ ‘Humpback Whale’ among others! Got a large spot in semi-shade with good moisture, give one of these a try!