Herbs in Containers

We grow a variety of herbs, and most are ready to plant in mid-May. While some folks like to plant herbs into the ground, many people prefer to do potted herbs in containers on the deck or porch. Most herbs require full sun, so it’s important to site them where they will receive at least 3/4 of a day of direct sun. Many people wonder which Herbs can be planted together. There is no rule of thumb for this, but some Herbs can get quite big, and “take over” the others. Generally, we plant a medium sized container, lets say 14″ diameter, with up to 5 of the following (of which there are many variations within), Rosemary, Sage, Oregano, Thyme, usually with the Rosemary in the middle. These commonly used types of herbs will all grow well together, and if there is one that you don’t prefer, plant an extra that you do! There are some herbs that should be grown separately. Basil is one, it gets large and takes a lot of water once it gets going. Another herb to grow separate is Mint, most mints spread a lot in just one season and can take over your other plantings. Some prefer to grow Mint in pots so that it does not take over your garden! Other tall and large commonly grown herbs are Lemon Verbena, Dill, Pineapple Sage, and Lemon Grass. If you have a very large pot, these can be grown in the center, but we usually recommend a separate good sized pot for each. With a little planning, herbs can be successfully grown and harvested all summer right out your backdoor!