Amelanchier for all seasons

When we think of shrubs in April, one that comes to mind is Amelanchier, or Serviceberry. It is among the hardiest of shrubs, and puts on a profusion of white flowers during the late days of April. One of the varieties called ‘Autumn Brilliance’ is a multi-trunk small tree reaching 15′ tall. It has small blue green leaves and smooth gray bark. Each tree takes on its own unique appearance with its multi-branching form. After it finishes blooming in April, it forms small edible fruit in June, hence one of its other names, Juneberry! This fruit is loved by birds, and disappears quickly, making this tree a great plant for wildlife. In the fall, the foliage turns a vivid orange red thus adding to its appeal. Over the last few harsh winters, we have come to love its ability to look and preform great all year long.