A few more doubles!

     A few double Helleborus are blooming! Never fear, they are in the warm greenhouse during this mid-March cold snap, and their flowers last a long time; they will still be colorful for the shopping season. Many people ask why the doubles are so expensive. Here is the answer. A hellebore in your garden will drop copious amounts of seed, many of these will grow and bloom in subsequent years. Almost all of those will NOT be identical to the plant its’ seed came from!  In order to assure that a high percentage of helleborus seedlings will indeed bloom double, they are hand pollinated, carefully crossing 2 specific plants and then covering to prevent the bees from undoing the work! The seed is then harvested and sown.  We sell plants that are several years old, in order to assure that we see the double flowers, even a small percentage of the crosses will not be double. It is a long process to achieve the perfect double flower!