Amelanchier for all seasons

Apr 26, 2016 by

When we think of shrubs in April, one that comes to mind is Amelanchier, or Serviceberry. It is among the hardiest of shrubs, and puts...

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Herbs in Containers

Apr 14, 2016 by

We grow a variety of herbs, and most are ready to plant in mid-May. While some folks like to plant herbs into the ground, many people...

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Winter in the Greenhouse

Mar 17, 2016 by

This time of year, while tidying up in the greenhouse, we spend some time admiring the succulents and cactus. Often, winter is the...

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Happy Independence Day!

Jul 2, 2015 by

We will be open this weekend at our regular hours, except for the 4th, we will be closing at 4 pm. The weather looks great, and we...

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Lush Gardening

Jun 30, 2015 by

Summer in Western NY is a wet one this year. It seems that every season certain plants thrive exceptionally well. This summer its...

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Memorial Day weekend is planti...

May 23, 2015 by

Here’s to a great Memorial Day weekend. We will be open at our regular hours this weekend, including Monday! Now that it seems...

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